101 Funny Award Ideas

Having trouble thinking of funny awards ideas? There are 101 downloadable awards certificates ready for you to fill in!

Save Your Cancelled Holiday Party

So many Christmas and holiday parties are getting cancelled this year. Here's an easy way to still have a fun party! Download End of the year awards ready for you to fill in!

Christmas Party Office Games

Every year my office's Christmas party committee tries to come up with something fun to do during our Christmas party. We've gotten pretty tired of the same old same old. These downloadable award certificates make a great completion to the games. In our office everybody gets one whether they won a game or not.

  • Name the Christmas songs is a good starter game. We have a list of song titles that are reworded like "Shaking Small Noisemakers [Jingle Bells]" or "Noiseless evening [Silent Night]" and the first person to get all 10 in the list wins.
  • Stocking stuffers - in this game we put something in several stockings hung around the room and party goers have to guess what's in them only by feeling the stocking. No peeking!
  • An easy game is to put a note under someone's chair (if you're having a meal) and that person is the winner of the centerpiece [or some other prize].
  • Dress as your favorite Christmas carol. This one really brought out the creativity in some people. Basically your costume has to signify all or part of a Christmas carol. The more elaborate the better.

We'll typically have our awards ceremony and give these downloadable award certificates. Everybody has a blast!