101 Funny Award Ideas

Having trouble thinking of funny awards ideas? There are 101 downloadable awards certificates ready for you to fill in!

Save Your Cancelled Holiday Party

So many Christmas and holiday parties are getting cancelled this year. Here's an easy way to still have a fun party! Download End of the year awards ready for you to fill in!

Great Employee Recognition Ideas

It's hard sometimes to find a good way to recognize someone in your office for the hard work and effort they show day-in and day-out. Maybe it's not the time of year or the kind job that warrants a "Top Performer of the Quarter" award, but that doesn't mean that employees don't like to be recognized for their efforts.

These employee awards are a great way to say thanks. Sometimes you may not be comfortable telling someone they've done a great job or saying thanks "just because".

Award certificates like this can be a good ice-breaker. They can help you say what you want to say without getting "mushy". Give them in a staff meeting or just stop by their office and present them with one of these funny awards.

As long as you're sincere, you employees will feel appreciated.