101 Funny Award Ideas

Having trouble thinking of funny awards ideas? There are 101 downloadable awards certificates ready for you to fill in!

Save Your Cancelled Holiday Party

So many Christmas and holiday parties are getting cancelled this year. Here's an easy way to still have a fun party! Download End of the year awards ready for you to fill in!

Office Party Do's and Don'ts

Going to the company office holiday party this year? You can take advantage of the office party to have some fun and advance your career or misbehave and really blow it. Here are some basic rules to survive and thrive at any company-sponsored party.

Do act graciously if you receive an award. Some offices will have funny awards and some will be serious. If the awards are "funny" be gracious and take the chance to laugh at yourself. You can find many office award certificates both funny and serious.

Do remember that although office parties are intended as social events to reward employees and raise morale, they remain strictly business events. Do conduct yourself professionally at all times. Don't use the office party as an excuse to blow off steam. It's still a company function, so proper etiquette and decorum matter.

Do enjoy yourself at the party. Employers spend lots of money to reward their employees, so be sure to enjoy the only holiday gift you may be getting from the company.

Don't dress like you were going out to clubs -- and do ask whether the attire for the party is formal or casual. The party is still a business function, so conservative party clothes are a good choice. Remember to skip anything too revealing or too flashy.

Do keep your hands to yourself. Don't flirt, and do avoid any other inappropriate behavior. The office party is not the time to end your career with the company by doing something inappropriate or illegal.

Don't spend all evening talking business.

Don't monopolize conversations -- and, especially, don't talk about yourself or your accomplishments all night. Do show interest in others and be gracious and thank coworkers and team members for all their help and hard work during the past year. And don't even think about gossiping about others.

Don't feel you need to drink excessively just because it's an open bar. And don't pig-out at the food buffet either. Moderation is key. You can always eat and drink more after the party.

Do take the time to network and schmooze with people at the party who can influence your career or who you may not see regularly, such as top management, people from other departments, and employees from other locations. A holiday party is a great event to begin building or strengthening business relationships, so do introduce yourself and build your network.

Don't assume everyone celebrates the same holiday, so despite your preferences a "Happy Holidays" may be in order.

Do be sure you know exactly who is invited to the party. Spouses or significant others are not always on the guest list for office parties. And if guests are permitted, don't bring an inappropriate person as your guest.

Don't forget to thank the person responsible for the planning and coordinating of the party. And do consider sending a thank-you note to top management for hosting the party.

Don't drink and drive.