101 Funny Award Ideas

Having trouble thinking of funny awards ideas? There are 101 downloadable awards certificates ready for you to fill in!

Save Your Cancelled Holiday Party

So many Christmas and holiday parties are getting cancelled this year. Here's an easy way to still have a fun party! Download End of the year awards ready for you to fill in!

Summer Camp Awards

These awards are great for any summer camp! This package had something for everyone. And in some cases where we needed a custom award, we could easily create one with their award templates. These summer camp awards were perfect for us.

There are more than 100 awards in here and it was so easy to click and print these awards for the campers. I was wondering if there might be too much office humor in these but they can really be used anywhere.

  • The "Baby's Bottom Award" (for smoothest in times of crisis) was perfect for the counselor and campers who had a small fire (yes!) in their cabin.
  • "The Kool and the Gang" award for excellence in group work was given to the winner of our Arts & Crafts contest.
  • The Loch Ness Award went to a camper who was always hard to find.
  • The Running with The Bulls Award went to the biggest risk taker... a camper who did a triple flip off the high dive!
  • The Heinz Ketchup Award for always making others wait was given to a camper who always made the rest of his cabin wait to go to the dining hall while he washed his hands.
  • There are so many great awards for campers in this package of funny summer camp awards. I highly recommend them.